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New beer, wine, and spirits brands are unveiled every day. Not only are new industry members coming on the scene, but existing players are adding brands in order to compete at new price points or appeal to larger demographics.

Compliance Service of America can help you establish newly developed or acquired brands within your portfolio. From researching availability of new trade names and brand names, to providing label compliance reviews and Federal Label Approval assistance, CSA is your one-stop shop for branding new products.

For more on how to develop and use your brand names, read:

Note: When considering a new brand or winery name, we strongly urge against the common but potentially devastating mistake of choosing a name associated with a geographical place or feature. To find out why using a geographic brand name is unwise, read the following highly informative articles. You will be VERY glad you did!

Wine labeling can be complicated, and beer labeling (which can vary from state to state) is even worse; but CSA makes it easy for you by reviewing label designs and giving you expert advice on meeting legal requirements for standard, personalized, export, or import labels. And, if you happen to print before discovering a compliance error on a label, we can save re-printing costs by obtaining temporary or conditional approval to "use up" the labeled product.

Here are some great articles to expand your labeling knowledge: